"Favoraid believes in a new story. The real story, from the heart"




Favoraid is founded in 2012 by Christel van den Berg and Martijn Draaisma. 



Supporting a good cause is a gesture from the heart and that's where the connection should be established. 'Real' stories from 'real' people. We believe a story is convingcing and moving when told by the people involved. Authentic and credible when the real 'expert' does the talking. They speak from experience, memory and most importantly from the heart!



We support charities to tell project stories that work. A good story results in a lasting impression, inspires and moves you. 



Through the use of information technology like digital platforms and mobile phones with media applications, it is possible to bridge distance and to tell stories in a personal, direct, frequent, cost-reducting and authentic way. The connection is made between philantropists, donors, partner organizations, funders and governments. 


Our USP's


With our storytelling and communication experience we advise charities to tell stories that really catches the heart of the audience. Stories the audience is interested in following; from start to finish.


Charity Story app

Our Charity Story app is the digital highway for charities to collect authentic multimedial content directly from the field in a frequent, direct, cost-reducing and personal way.


Web application

To tell project stories we have developed a web application. This application contains a wide variety of functions and can be used 'industry-wide'. This application is optimized for all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), so the audience is always offered the best user experience. Last but not least the application with the project stories can be published easily on charities own website and on that of it's sponsor partners.



"Tell me a fact and I'll learn. Tell me a truth and I'll believe. But tell me a story and it'll live in my heart forever."

Christel van den Berg

Martijn Draaisma

Favoraid B.V.

Lage Naarderweg 47
1217 GN Hilversum
The Netherlands
Telephone number: (+31)(0)35-2050030
E-mail: info@favoraid.com
Chamber of Commerce: 57563381
VAT Number: NL852634201B01