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    Water Tech Trading BV works together with our partner WECONNEX AG, to realize as many Nexus Centers as possible.

NEXUS Centers Nepal

Start Date: 03 Mar 2016
 NEXUS Centers Nepal NEXUS Centers Nepal
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Despite Nepal's socioeconomic progress, most Nepalese are deprived of access to basic life-sustaining necessities including safe drinking water, electricity and health care. Our main focus will be in Terai, the Southern part of Nepal as the ground water is contaminated with arsenic and bacteria and there is limited access to reliable electricity.

The Nexus Center:

Nexus Centers are a network of water and energy hubs for remote areas, providing basic necessities and creating economic independence/growth for the community itself. The centers will be operated and maintained by entrepreneurs (local families, cooperatives, women groups or communities). Depending on the local entrepreneurial initiatives, additional services and products can be offered, such as internet access, microfinance, refrigeration service, hygiene products and other basic necessities. The NEXUS Center is also ideal as an incubator for community, governmental or non-governmental development initiatives in the field of medicine, forestry, sustainable technology, agricultural innovation and education.

NEXUS centers are aimed at increasing health and well fare in the region.



Clean water, sustainable energy and connectivity

Mid 2016 we will realise 7 NEXUS Centers in the Chitwan and Nawapalrasi area funded by REPIC, Aqua For All (incubator programme) and Drop For Life Foundation. Our aim is to establish 100 NEXUS Centers in total, so that we can reach 400,000 people. A feasibility study conducted in 2014 funded by WWF showed the potential of NEXUS Centers. Furthermore, three water shop pilots up and running since 2014 have also proven the need for safe water at an affordable price.

NEXUS Centers have an economic, social and environmental impact for the community as a whole. For the customers itself it provides:

Health: Guaranteed high-quality drinking water that meets or exceeds WHO guideline values and awareness rising on adequate hygiene and sanitation practices reduces incidences of water-borne diseases. This in turn also decreases the expenditure on medical treatment and increases productivity as well as school attendance.

Convenience: Customers can buy all basic necessities for their daily life at one place. A delivery service for safe drinking water further enhances convenience.

Affordability: The offerings provided at the NEXUS Center are affordable for customers living at the base of the socioeconomic pyramid.

Empowerment: Through the creation of jobs and a supportive environment for local entrepreneurial initiatives, the community members are enabled to gain more control over the factors and decisions that shape their daily lives.



NEXUS Center Concept:

NEXUS Center is a sustainable business aimed at Bottom of the Pyramid markets. The nature of the NEXUS Center is always dependant of the needs of the location. Before moving into an operational mode, a feasibility study is conducted and the water source is analysed.  This ensures that the right technology and custom made offer can be set up in each NEXUS Center.  Setting up one NEXUS Center requires 44k euro and has a payback time of 3 years.


By the end of 2016 we will have 10 NEXUS Center and have raised 613K euro’s. Our aim is role out in phases of 10, 30 and 60 centers, to do this we still need to raise 5,887K euros. We are looking for investors in the form of a grant, loan or equity to bring this to an impactful level. Currently we will focus on adding another 5 centers per launch to make the process realistic and efficient.

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