What type of projects can I find here?

Favoraid shows all projects concerning people, animals and nature. The projects on Favoraid are focused on the creation of positive changes, whereby progress results. Favoraid is a neutral, non-political and non-religious organisation and is not directly connected with the entities on the platform.


Who can start a project on Favoraid?

Charities and companies that are approved by Favoraid. Charities must have the VFI, ANBI or CBF certification if located in the Netherlands or an equivalent thereof if located abroad. Only charities (non-profit organisations) can receive donations and sponsoring for the projects.


How can I contact Favoraid?

Send an e-mail to info@favoraid.com or look on our contact page.


What is the maximum and minimum project budget?

There is no maximum project budget.


What resources can be used to finance projects?

We encourage project leaders from the NGOs to employ their online and offline networks. All content on the Favoraid site can be shared via social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Other online channels like a website or online newsletter can also be used. All content can be shared and visually optimised in order to make it available via the various networks and e-mail. Project leaders can integrate parts in a website and social media with a web widget (iframe).


Why are projects divided into parts?

We recommend that charities divide the projects into different phases. This makes the donating to and sponsoring of specific parts (‘milestones’) as transparent as possible. 


How does Favoraid monitor projects on the platform?

Favoraid finds it critical that project owners regularly communicate project activities and deliver evidence of progress in a timely fashion. Favoraid thoroughly evaluates and analyses the placed projects, from the concept phase to completion. 


How can I donate?

We make it easy to donate to specific project (parts) from your favourite charity or charities. Various convenient search functions give you the ability to quickly and simply find more information about the charities and their projects. Charities can also offer companies the opportunity to entirely or partially sponsor projects.


How does online donating work?

After selection of the charity, project and the project part, you can pay within a secure environment of our payment provider (Buckaroo) with iDeal or credit card. The entire donation (100%) will be transferred to the charity, without intervention by Favoraid. All donations are in euros. 


How much do I have to pay for transactions? 

For the processing of the payment, you pay the transaction fee that is clearly communicated during the payment process. The amount of these transaction costs depend on the type of payment method that is used. We make use of payment provider Buckaroo. You can find more information about Buckaroo on www.buckaroo.nl. 


How can I sponsor a charity as a company?

If a charity chooses to make project parts available for corporate sponsorship, companies can submit an application to sponsor online via the ‘SPONSOR’ button. 


Does Favoraid also have to do with transparency?

The hard side of the story is now often told with annual reports and numbers, the results in numbers. With Favoraid, the soft side is told, the stories. We want to make this information appealing for a large audience, and we do that in this way.


How do you know whether the story that is told is objective?

We work in with all our contacts on the basis of transparency and trust. We all believe that insight has to be given, that you also tell what the work entails in good times and bad.


Is there also a direct line of communication between a project and donors?

That is something that is being developed. We are looking at what the options are for that. This differs by area. Places where help is needed often lie in a rural area with no or limited access to the internet. In addition, it is important that people know how to protect their own privacy; they must not be endangered unnecessarily.


Is Favoraid a crowd funding platform ?

Yes we are, but we offer more than that. With Favoraid, it is really about bringing attention to the project from start to finish. We do not stop at the front end like crowd funding platforms where the most important goal is raising a certain amount. Our goal is to show the progress of the project from start to finish.  


How much of my donation goes to the charity?

The entire donation amount (100%) will be transferred to the charity.


What is your income model?

Of course Favoraid has costs to cover as well. In order to keep a site like this ‘on air’ and to remain innovative, there are expenses. Charities pay a monthly subscription fee. The amount of the subscription fee depends on the size of the organization in terms of the annual fundraising income.