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In the spotlight

NEXUS Centers Nepal

Despite Nepal's socioeconomic progress, most Nepalese are deprived of access to basic life-sustaining necessities including safe drinking water, electricity and health care. Our main focus will be in Terai, the Southern part of Nepal as the ground water is contaminated with arsenic and bacteria and there is limited access to reliable electricity.




Nexus Centers are a network of water and energy hubs for remote areas, providing basic necessities and creating economic independence/growth for the community itself. The centers will be operated and maintained by entrepreneurs (local families, cooperatives, women groups or communities). Depending on the local entrepreneurial initiatives, additional services and products can be offered, such as internet access, microfinance, refrigeration service, hygiene products and other basic necessities. The NEXUS Center is also ideal as an incubator for community, governmental or non-governmental development initiatives in the field of medicine, forestry, sustainable technology, agricultural innovation and education.

NEXUS centers are aimed at increasing health and well fare in the region.



Plan Nederland

Plan Nederland

Plan Nederland, launching partner, is continuously searching for new ways to raise funds and to communicate in a targeted way with the partners about the projects that they support. Favoraid fills this need: companies and donors feel involved from start to finish in the project that they finance. In addition, the companies have the option of branding an appealing project with a logo and to share it within their corporate environment.

Monique van 't Hek
(Director Plan Nederland)


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