Privacy policy

Favoraid takes your privacy seriously. Our goal is to put you in contact with others on the website and to do so in the most convenient, safe way possible.


Personal information

We do not sell any personal information of yours. When you donate on Favoraid, we gather only the information about your donation that is needed to make the donation possible. Depending on your profile settings and your choice, the information for the donation will be shown on the website and communicated to the charity. 



Payments can be done via iDeal, credit card and bank transfer.



We only use cookies for the improvement of the function of the website and to save your preferences. We want to achieve continuous improvement of the user experience this way. 



Your personal information will be made known to the appropriate parties if the law requires this. This may be the case in the event of an insulting or offensive comment or disruptive behaviour. This can lead to a warning or termination of the membership as well as informing authorities like the police and government.

Note: We can change our privacy policy in the future. If we do that, we will immediately place the updated information.

Version 1.2, 06-01-2015